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A Picture Maker

Crafting Stories Through Art, Design & Sound

Featured Work

Lighthouse Lost


Virtual Cinematography

Explore the realm of virtual cinematography through the lens of the “Circuits” music video, a collaboration with Little Rock’s own Future Funk artist, Yuni Wa. This project offered me the opportunity to meld 3D animations created in Blender with dynamic effects from Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

my initials spell my name

Zac A. Counts

Hello, I’m Zac A. Counts. As an artist, director, and writer, I’m passionate about bringing stories to life through a unique blend of visual, narrative, and auditory elements. With a strong background in traditional art, I strive to push the boundaries of creative expression and inspire innovation in every project I undertake. If you’re interested in keeping up with my work, please check out the links below!

Brand Identity

Explore my portfolio of brand design projects, showcasing logos and branding for businesses of all sizes, from early-stage startups to major Fortune 500 companies.


Check out my illustrative portfolio, featuring a wide variety of projects I have created for a range of clients, including Grammy-nominated artists and trendsetting fashion labels.

Video & Film

Take a look at my motion design portfolio showcasing some of the projects I’ve created, which include animation, editing and 3D modeling/ rendering.

Narrative Cinema

Dive into the making of “The Devil’s Den” in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our captivating short film. Based on Ernest Hemingway’s poignant short story “Big Two-Hearted River” and “Three Shots,” “The Devil’s Den” explores the profound journey of a war-torn soldier seeking solace and peace amidst his inner chaos.

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