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A Picture Maker

Celebrating 10 years of bringing dreams to life with professional Illustration,
Brand Identity, Animation, Motion Design, 3D Modeling, and Film.

Brand Identity

Explore my portfolio of brand design projects, showcasing logos and branding for businesses of all sizes, from early-stage startups to major Fortune 500 companies.

Illustration Work

Check out my illustrative portfolio, featuring a wide variety of projects I have created for a range of clients, including Grammy-nominated artists and trendsetting fashion labels.

Motion Design

Take a look at my motion design portfolio showcasing some of the projects I’ve created, which include animation, editing and 3D modeling/ rendering.

The Process

Here is the process and step-by-step walkthrough of me creating a portrait Illustration. For most illustrations my process starts in in Adobe Photoshop, then goes to Adobe Illustrator, and then back to Photoshop for final touches.

my initials spell my name

Zac A. Counts

My name is Zac Counts and I’m a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and picture-maker based out of Fayetteville Arkansas. I’m passionate about creating art, music, and film, and have been recognized for my unique approach and innovative style.

My background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Arkansas Tech, where I was first exposed to printmaking. Under the guidance of award-winning artists such as Neal Harrington and “Outlaw Printmaker” Tom Huck, I continued to pursue fine art, and my work has since been exhibited in galleries around the country, and has won several awards. My work is known for its distinctive fusion of classic and modern techniques, blending pop art, pop culture, and medieval art.

I’ve worked on projects and received commissions from amazing clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and Grammy-nominated artists, and I’m proud of the projects, commissions, and collaborations I create. In addition to creating art, I’m also a musician and filmmaker, constantly striving to explore new ideas and challenge myself.

If you’re interested in keeping up with my work, please check out the links below!

Featured Work

Music Promo


Production & Film

Since founding FairlyOdd, I have lead numerous original projects and collaborations. One of my favorite projects is the web series is “The Forest Grove Homicide”, which I directed, edited, and composed music for.

Music Composition

Through my understanding of the creative process, combined with my knowledge of music theory and recording techniques, I’m able to craft memorable soundtracks that add an extra layer of depth to any project. From orchestral arrangements to electronic soundscapes, I strive to create a musical score that adds depth and energy to any story.

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