My name is Zac A. Counts, and I’m a creator based out of Fayetteville Arkansas. I’ve had the privilege to work on a ton of exciting commissions, and collaborations, and personal projects. I love what I do so I’m am constantly picking up new skills or refining the ones I already have, and spend a lot of time tinkering with new mediums and ways of creating. I spend quite a bit of my time working on artistic work and experimenting to further develop myself creatively. Some of the things I’m currently enjoying working on are augmented and virtual reality, long-form storytelling, and refining my production skills.
I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1992 and graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design and printmaking in 2015.
While working on my degree, I had the opportunity to study under contemporary printmaking giants like Tom Huck and Neal Harrington. As a result, he was one of 12 students to have been
After completing his degree he quickly began working as an in-house graphic designer for two nationally distributed publications in Little Rock, Arkansas. In hopes of advancing his career in advertising, he later relocated to Tampa, Florida where he went on to complete a slew of award-winning projects for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Grammy-nominated artists.
In mid-2020 he moved to Fayetteville Arkansas where he founded the Fairly Odd Co., a production company and publishing house which he used to publish his first book titled “Everything’s for Sale: A meditation in Immaterialism” later that December. The book was comprised of a group of four philosophical essays using aesthetics as first philosophy, as well as groups of accompanying artworks that implemented harmonious themes. While still residing in NWA he continues to write, develop visual works of art, and tackle commercial projects.