Branding | Web Design - 2018

Baristas is a start up coffee service and community who delivers high quality coffee from around the world to the customer’s doorstep. As a start up company I was able to work on this brand from the ground up. I was able to help with developing their brand strategy, logo design, landing page design and development, brand style guide, and create wireframes for offsite developers to develop into a webapp.
Logo design The Baristas logo was created with the target audience of young to middle aged professional’s who brew their own coffee, and value the convince of having high quality coffee delivered to their home. The color choices were made not only to reflect a brand associated with coffee, but one of the highest quality.
Wireframing These wire frames were created to assist an offsite developer in creating a web application that would offer recommendations of coffee roast after completing a short quiz. These wire frames also helped to illustrate how Baristas would go about capturing information and recommending roasts. Unfortunately this web app didn’t get to be complete because of outside circumstances (not related to me or then current agency), but this gave me valuable experience in both design and communication.
Website design Part of the wire framing was designed to be a landing page before the complete launch of the ecommerce web app. The goal of this landing page was to give the visitor a preview of the level of the depth of services that will be available on launch and get those visitors to sign up for the newsletter, build launch anticipation, and build brand recognition.