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The Red Room

“An aspiring actress inherits a mysterious estate, only to be ensnared by its haunting past and a room bathed in red.”

“The Red Room” is a short film inspired by H.G. Wells’ narrative techniques, blending elements from the classic “Sunset Boulevard” and reflecting nuances from the intriguing life of Gloria Swanson. Delve into a tale of legacy, obsessions, and the thin line between preserving the past and being consumed by it.

WATCH the full short film below:


The script was adapted from H.G. Wells’ story, integrating references from “Sunset Boulevard” and real-life accounts of Gloria Swanson. This synthesis aimed to provide a contemporary spin while respecting the original’s essence.

A series of detailed storyboards were produced, mapping out each scene visually, ensuring a clear understanding of shot compositions and sequences before actual production.

Pre Production


I compiled a pitch deck for casting, organizational and reference purposes. A dedicated casting process was followed, resulting in the selection of specific actors who best fit the envisioned roles.


The primary location for the film was the historic Juhr House in Rogers, AR. I selected it for its architectural and atmospheric fit with the story’s theme.


I created a 3D model of the central room using Blender. This served as a guide for setting up actual shots, minimizing potential issues during shooting.

Principal photography


In directing “The Red Room,” I wore multiple hats to bring the story to life. Beyond guiding the actors and shaping the narrative’s flow, I took charge of sound recording, capturing clear dialogue and ambient tones. Additionally, while managing the directorial aspects, I operated one of the primary cameras, allowing for real-time adjustments and immediate feedback. Moreover, the film’s ambiance was crafted by my hands, setting up lights to define each scene’s mood, depth, and emotion.

Post Production

Post Production


Various visual effects were applied to enhance specific sequences, refining the overall visual appeal of the film.

Color Grading:

A consistent color palette was used to underline the film’s mood and tone, guiding the viewer’s emotional response.


The raw footage was methodically edited to create a cohesive and engaging narrative structure.

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