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The Lighthouse Lost

“The Lighthouse Lost” is a short film that delves into a century-old mystery in a small Arkansas town, resurfacing in the unexplained disappearance of its residents This project was brought to life through the collaboration of a dedicated, mostly Arkansan crew and the generous partnership with local businesses across Gillham, Wickes, Hatfield, and Berryville. The film, made with a skeleton crew, captures a gripping tale of hidden deceit and the echoes of a town’s forgotten past.

WATCH the full short film below:


Inspired by iconic elements from “Psycho” and “Fargo,” the writing process involved weaving tension and intrigue through a narrative deeply rooted in the true story of Calico Rock, Arkansas.

Pre Production


In collaboration with JB Talent Konnections, we assembled a cast that not only fit the vision of “The Lighthouse Lost” but also brought a genuine Arkansan authenticity to the screen.


Filmed at iconic locales such as the old Gillham High School, The Lighthouse in Wickes, TJ’s Country Store in Hatfield, and the Biz-E-Bee Flea in Berryville, the film showcases Arkansas’s eerie beauty.


Each frame was storyboarded to ensure the visual narrative aligned perfectly with the film’s suspenseful tone. This thorough preparation allowed us to shoot complex scenes on a tight schedule.

Principal photography


Our production approach for “The Lighthouse Lost” focused on speed, utilizing two cameras for nearly every scene to capture a dynamic range of angles and reactions. We shot the film chronologically over two days, a method that helped maintain the narrative’s emotional continuity and intensity.

The last leg

Post Production


The editing phase for “The Lighthouse Lost” spanned approximately one month, during which I meticulously assembled the captured footage and sound to craft the final narrative.

Invisible VFX

I used VFXs to subtly alter elements within scenes, such as changing the name of the school and rotoscoping out a second camera, allowing us to maintain continuity and realism.

Sound Design:

For the sound design, I featured carefully selected tracks by Yuni Wa, enhancing the film’s immersive experience and reflecting the underlying tension of the story.

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