Visual Sample

Sep 25, 2020

Visual Sampling:
This is a concept that I’ve seen used within a CAD programs to describe the reusing a section of an object(s), but haven’t seen it formally defined as such anywhere. I’d like to prepend a similar but slightly broader definition. “the reuse of an image within a given model”.

The current way 3D modeling functions is a set of vector quadrants within digital space have a group of images are attaching depending on which script they get ran through, effect the model differently.

Normal inputs for these images are label like “bump, Metalness, Opacity”
When handled in this form images are able to move, compress, expand, and procedurally change.

My guess is that this may have seemed like a unimportant distinction before computer, when telling a painter you want 10 repeating squares that goes backward into space at -10m/10m and reduce in size by 63% percent each step. Actually make it the end point. Actually I change my mind, show me both.
This is a crucial thought pattern creation we utilize CONSTNATLY in the materialistically supercharged setting in which creativity takes place in the current time.

How would you tell a painter you want the temperature mapped onto the wall during that photo

Idea of “Hot” and “Cool” media from McLuhan’s 1964 book Understanding Media. This is essentially a distinction made by McLuhan between media such as print, photographs, radio, and movies (hot media) and media such as speech, cartoons, the telephone, and television (cool media). Hot media are ‘high definition’ because they are rich in sensory data. Cool media are ‘low definition’ because they provide less sensory data and consequently demand more participation or ‘completion’ by the audience.
McLuhan is of the idea that a cartoon.

visual sampling opens up the framwork mentally to easier think about visual patterns can function in
pattern + 2X